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Because Life is Too Short for Ordinary Chocolate.

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To place an order, please call us toll free 866 924-5993 or
email Thank you.


Boxed Chocolates


1/2 Pound Pecan Turtles

Buttery caramel layered on top of hand-roasted pecans, then covered with a shell of our finest milk or dark chocolate.

One Pound Pecan Turtles

A full pound of our award-winning turtles available in milk or dark chocolate

Two Pound Milk & Dark Chocolate Assortment

Milk & Dark Deluxe Assortments Are Our Best Sellers

Soft Classic Collection

12-piece assortment of peanut putter meltaways, caramels, coconut and creams.

Milk & Dark Caramels

12 pieces of our buttery caramel

Milk and Dark Cherries

12 pieces of our amazing chocolate covered cherries


Ava’s Sea Salted Caramels

Six pieces of buttery caramel carefully layered with dark chocolate and dusted with sea salt 2.8 oz. • $6.95

Hanger Box

Four pieces of our best dark chocolate, two with cocoa butter designs, in a box designed to fit over the neck of a wine bottle
Black or Brown 1.76 oz. • 4 piece • $4.50

Tent Boxes

Milk or Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Pretzels hand dipped in our best milk or dark chocolate, the perfect combination of sweet and salty 4 oz. • $7.99 Hot Chili Bark
Our finest Dark Chocolate, dried cranberries, sunflower kernels and a hint of cayenne pepper 5 oz. • $9.99 Milk or Dark Chocolate Pecan Turtles
Buttery caramel layered on top of our hand-roasted pecans and covered with our finest milk or dark chocolate 5 oz. • $9.99

Candy Bars

Pistachio Berry Bar
Milk chocolate with dried cranberries, blueberries and pistachios
Wasabi Bar
Dark chocolate with Wasabi peas, dried pineapple and candied ginger
Orange Peel Bar
Dark chocolate with candied orange peel 2.4 oz. • $3.95

Candy Bar Box
5 piece

• Milk Chocolate
• Dark Chocolate
• White Chocolate
• Milk Chocolate with Almonds &
• Dark Chocolate with Almonds

in a corrugated kraft box with knotted twine handles and a seasonal bow. 11.2 oz. • $14.50

Purely NH Gift Basket

This traditional Oxford Peterboro Basket is filled our 8-piece Soft Classic Collection, Milk Turtles, Dark Turtles, one Milk Chocolate Candy Bar and one Dark Chocolate Candy Bar, plus 4 caramel-filled milk and dark Chocolate Acorns. $55.00

To place an order, please call us toll free 866 924-5993 or
email Thank you.

Click here to download a PDF of our available Corporate Gift Baskets.

Wholesale packages are available for retailers who wish to offer the finest chocolates.
To place an order, please call us toll free 866 924-5993 or email Thank you.

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